Northeast Beef Checkoff News

July 2018: Beef Highlighted on WBAL-TV's Sunday Brunch

June 2018: The Art of Beef & Wine Pairings

May 2018: Reaching Northeast Channel Influencers

May 2018: Team Beef in the Northeast

May 2018: Advocacy Taken to the Next Level for Chef's Attending Beef Checkoff Media Training 

November 2017: Northeast Consumers Fall For Beef

August 2017: Beef on the Run at the 2017 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

August 2017: Beef Featured at the Maine Lobster Festival 

June 2017: Agreements in DC Forged Over Beef and BBQ - A Great Mix

May 2017: Beef Takes Center Stage During NYC #BeefTogether Meat Retreat

May 2017: Spicing Things Up at the New England Chili Cook Off

April 2017:  Beef Fuels Team Beef in Boston and view a  YouTube Video of partnership with the Honest Beef Company

March 2017: Beef Education & Fun for Family Physicians

January 2017: Beef on Hand at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo

December 2016: Northeast Physicians Understand the Evidence of Diet & Cancer Risk

November 2016: Engaging Millennials in Leadership Training

November 2016: Team Beef at the 41st Marine Corps Marathon

October 2016: Meat Retreat Hosted in New England

September 2016:  Runners Fuel up with Beef at the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

August 2016: Checkoff Spices Things Up at the 2nd Street Festival

June 2016: Beef Sizzled at National Capital BBQ Battle

June 2016:  Beef at the Strolling of the Heifers Parade

May 2016: Consumers Encouraged to "Let's Get Grilling" to Win BBQ Battle Tickets

May 2016: "Meat Your Beef" with Baltimore Culinary Students

May 2016: BEEFMersion Northeast Culinary Experience

April 2016:  Beef Fuels Team Beef at the 2016 Boston Marathon

November 2015: "Meat Your Beef" with New England Retailers 

September 2015: Beefing Up the 40th Marine Corps Marathon

September 2015: Optimizing Dietary Protein with Northeast Physicians

August 2015: "Meat Your Beef" with Stew Leonard's

June 2015: Beef Checkoff Spices up 23rd Annual Safeway National Capitol BBQ Battle

May 2015: Test You Beef I.Q. in the "I LOVE BEEF" Trivia Challenge

April 2015: Beef Fuels Team Beef at the 2015 Boston Marathon

April 2015: Cattle Farmers are "Raising the Steaks"

April 2015: "Month of Love" in NYC

March 2015:  "Meat Your Beef" with the Philadelphia Art Institute"

March 2015:  Beef Fuels New York City

February 2015: Checkoff Partners Reach Culinary Influencers 

January 2015: Beef and Veal Steal the Stage at Pennsylvania Farm Show

November 2014: Meat Your Beef with Le Cordon Bleu in Boston

November 2014: Did You Invite the MVP to Your Tailgating Party?

October 2014: Team Beef Beat the Bridge at the Marine Corps Marathon

October 2014: Beef:  Fueling Runners to the Finish (Marine Corps Marathon)

September 2014:  Physicians Lean to Appreciate Beef's Role in the Diet

September 2014: Northeast Health Professionals Learn how Farmers are "Raising the Steaks"

September 2014: Share Your Sizzle Winner Announced

September 2014: Inner Chef "Re-vealed" in Recipe Contest

September 2014: Beef Stirs up Interest with Wellness Program Participants

July 2014: Beef Checkoff Sizzles in Atlantic City

June 2014: Test Your Beef I.Q in "I Love Beef" Trivia Challenge

May 2014: "Meat Your Beef" Farm Tour Series Continues

May 2014: Checkoff Holds "Meat Your Beef" Farm Tour in Maryland

May 2014: Encouraging Northeast Millennials to Share their Sizzle
April 2014: Runners Fueled with Beef at 2014 Boston Marathon

April 2014: Beef Checkoff Presents the Power of Umami at Northeast Culinary Conference

April 2014: Northeast Started 2014 by "Livin Lean and Lovin Beef"

March 2014: Students Get "Farm-to-Table" View of Beef Process

March 2014: Beef Highlighted at New England Meat Conference

December 2013: Did Your Invite the "MVP" to Your Fall Tailgating Party?

November 2013: Pennsylvania Nurse Practitioners Learn to Love Lean Beef

October 2013: Runners Fuel up with beef at the Runner's World Half Marathon

October 2013:Food, Farm and Science Brings New Perspective for Health Influencers

October 2013: Stay Home Grill Out Winner Announced

June 2013: Inner Chef "Re-Vealed" in Recipe Contest

May 2013: Pair of Beef Boot Camps a Success

May 2013: Delaware Fueled with Beef for First State's Marathon

May 2013: Checkoff Holds 2013 Beef Boot Camp in NY

May 2013:  Checkoff Takes Food and Wine by Storm
April 2013: Culinary Students Learn About Beef Industry

April 2013: Fuel Up with Lean Beef!

April 2013: Beef Checkoff Returns to National Harbor Waterfront Annual Wine & Food Festival

April 2013: Culinary Students Lean About Veal, From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate

April 2013: Northeast Lean Beef Sweepstakes Winner from Pennsylvania

April 2013: Beef Checkoff Helps Boston Fuel Up and Be BOLD with Lean Beef

March 2013: Beef Checkoff Represented at the 1st New England Meat Conference

March 2013: Add a Little BAM to the 2013 Northeast American Culinary Conference

March 2013: Test Your Beef I.Q. in the Checkoff’s “I LOVE BEEF” Trivia Challenge

March 2013: "ReVEAL Your Inner Chef" Recipe Contest

March 2013: Fuel Up with Beef

February 2013: Sixth Annual National Retail Beef Backer Award Winners Announced

November 2012: Celebrate the Back to School Season with BEEF!

October 2012: Stay Home Grill Out Winner Announced

August 2012: Back to School with Beef in the Northeast

August 2012: New York University Students Spend Day on the Farm

June 2012: Beef was the Star at the Sun BBQ Fest

May 2012: National Harbor Wine & Food Festival's Biggest Star is BEEF!

May 2012: Checkoff Holds "Rail to Retail" Boot Camp

May 2012: Lean Never Looked So Good at the Northeast American Culinary Federation Conference

April 2012: The Beef Checkoff Helped Boston Fuel-up for the Finish!

April 2012: Northeast Lean Beef Sweepstakes Winner from New Hampshire

January 2012: Beef Ambassadors Connect with Consumers at PA Farm Show

January 2012: Did You Invite the MVP to Your Fall Tailgating Party?

October 2011: “Stay Home and Grill Out” Summer Grilling Beef Promotion

May 2011: "Know Farming, Know Beef"

March 2011: Northeast Lean Beef Sweepstakes Winner from Connecticut

December 2010: Was the Most Valuable Protein at Your Tailgating Party This Fall?

November 2010: Summer Grilling Beef Promotion Invited Home Cooks to Stay Home and Grill Out

June 2010: Summer and Steaks Sizzle at Third Annual Food & Wine Festival

April 2010: Team BEEF Completes Boston Marathon

April 2010: 2010 Boston Marathon Runners Fueled By Beef

April 2010: Running on the Power of Protein in Boston

January 2009: Beef Takes Center Stage at Health Expo

April 2008: Steaks Sighted Running 26.2 Miles Through Boston


June 2007: Beef Seen And Served On The “Monster Mile” At Nascar Race

April 2007: Beef Returns To The Boston Marathon

April 2006: Guess Who Came To Dinner?A Beef Checkoff Brigade Serves Stew For 8,000 At Boston Marathon

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