Team Beef Requirements

• Must be 18 years or older
• Must be a resident of ME, NH, NY, VT, MA, RI, CT, NJ, MD, DE, D.C or VA (PA has their own active state beef council and coordinates Team Beef efforts within the state)
• Complete the online Northeast Team Beef Application
• Must eat beef and be willing to advocate for the benefits of beef in the diet of an athlete
• Must participate in one educational team webinar during the course of the year to learn more about the industry, beef nutrition…etc.
• Must read our monthly E-Newsletter and complete the engagement activity it includes (poll question, trivia…etc.)
• Must be willing to let us include your photo and a short bio on our Northeast Team Beef website
• Must participate in at least 2 races wearing your jersey within the race season and please let us know which ones you’re planning to participate in ahead of time!

2018 Northeast Team Beef Benefits:

• A Team Beef red tank top jersey
• Support and encouragement from you fellow Team Beef mates and us!
• Monthly E-Newsletters sharing beef nutrition information, training tips, cattle facts…etc.
• Bonuses: Year-Long Prime Cuts Program for members, tiered prizes based on points earned. More to come!

NOTE: The Northeast Team Beef is just getting started and 2018 is our inaugural year for a team! You might have seen Team Beef runners at various races across the country and these members are supported by their own state beef council. In the past, the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative supported runners at various races in the Northeast (Boston Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, NYC Marathon…etc.) but starting in 2018, we will focus on a core group of Northeast Team Beef members. Get excited!! 

How Does Race Reimbursement Work?

Incentivized Reimbursement Structure:

1st race* ran in your Team Beef jersey: 50% of your reimbursement fee
2nd race* ran in your Team Beef jersey: the second half of your first race and 50% of your 2nd race
3rd race* ran in your Team Beef jersey: the second half of your 2nd race and 100% of your 3rd race
4 or more races* ran in your Team Beef jersey: full reimbursement upon completion of the race

We will have to cap you at $375, so please plan your races accordingly. You have 2 weeks from the date of the race to submit your reimbursement requests.

*ONLY races that take place in the Northeast region are eligible for reimbursement (ME, NH, VT, RI, MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, PA, VA and DC)

EXAMPLE of Reimbursement Structure:

1st race: Entry fee $100, reimbursed $50
2nd race: Entry fee $100, reimbursed $150
3rd race: Entry fee $100, reimbursed $300
4th race: Entry fee $100, reimbursed $75 to your max $375 reimbursement limit.

Complete your Race Reimbursement Form here

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